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Clean debris around the condenser
Branches, leaves, sticks, and other yard debris can be blown around by winter storms. Before turning on the air conditioner this spring, take the time to clean any debris around or in the condenser. If you plan on updating the landscaping, keep the following note in mind.
The general guideline is to keep at least two feet of clear space around each side of the condenser. The clearance allows enough air to circulate for the unit to have appropriate ventilation and temperature regulation.

Inspect and repair the ductwork

Ductwork is the network within your home that carries conditioned air to each room. Sometimes the ducts develop rips and tears over time, creating air leaks that inhibit efficient air flow. A professional inspection will find any issues while a technician repairs them.

Change the air filter
You already know how important an air filter is for your air conditioner’s efficient function. Make a note or set a reminder to change the air filter every two to three months, or more frequently if you live in a dusty environment.

Hvac filter replacement home central air system

To find what size of air filter you need, look at the sides of the existing filter. You should see the filter dimensions; most department and hardware stores carry air filters for purchase.

Schedule a tune-up
Even if you keep an eagle eye on how your air conditioner operates, a maintenance tune-up will make sure the system is at its peak this spring and summer. An HVAC technician looks over the entire system, indoors and outside, for any existing problems and potential issues and makes repairs as necessary.

HVAC tech
If your air conditioner doesn’t turn on because of any of these reasons, contact ENTIRE AIR SOLUTIONS today for timely repairs.